Bitcoin as payment systems

How do we transfer money to thousands of years ago, when we lived in small villages, know and trust each other? We easily do barter, as we did with the cash at this time. But when money moved online, this will be a little tricky. Bank and credit card services to resolve this issue with ' ledger ' system (' cash ' system)--a saving account and history shows who owns what.

When John did the online money transfer from one person to another, the bank was the one who did the transfer of John to others. John can't do it myself because there is a risk he is cheating-he can copy (copy), and paste (latching) digital money (because all of it is just numbers on a computer) and submitting it to two different people. So, we trust the bank to send money and make sure only one person receiving the money. The Bank can cheat, but we believe they are not committing fraud.

If the transfer occurred on the same bank, it is easy to do. But if the bank is different, it will be a little …